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Beagle, Otis. Otis Beagle was created by “Charles K. Boston,” the pseudonym of Frank Gruber (Johnny Fletcher, Simon Lash, Captain March, Oliver Quade, Jim Strong, Sam Vedder, John Vedders), and appeared in The Silver Jackass (1941), Beagle Scented Murder (1946), and Lonesome Badger (1954).

Otis Beagle is a Con Man. Beagle and his partner Joe Peel operate the Beagle Detective Agency in Los Angeles, but the agency is only a front for various scams which the pair like to pull. Unfortunately, their scams usually go wrong, forcing the two to do actual detecting as a way to stay out of jail. The police know that they are criminals and would love to put them away, but the pair are successful in preventing that. Beagle is tall, strong, “flashy and phony,” and Peel is younger and handsome. They are assisted by Pinky, their slick lawyer.

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