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Bates, Buffalo Billy. Buffalo Billy Bates was created by Scott Carleton and appeared in forty-four stories in Popular Western from 1940 to 1952, beginning with “Buffalo Billy Bates” (Popular Western, Nov. 1940).

“Buffalo Billy” Bates is an “Indian Scout” who solves crimes and fights for good on the western frontier of the United States in the decades after the American Civil War. He is unusually well-inclined toward native peoples, and is friends with Buffalo Bill himself. “For a young fellow still several months removed from his majority birthday, Bates was as muscular and sinewy as a veteran frontiersman. He wore a fringed doeskin hunting jacket and buckskin pants, with beaded moccasins on which were buckled long-shanked Spanish spurs.” He uses a .45 dragoon six-shooter.

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