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Basil, Count. Count Basil was created by the Danish authors Harry Hansen (Lord Kingsley) and Niels Meyn (Kurt Danner, Gentleman Detective, Lord Kingsley, Lord Lister, John Mac Carty, Mister X, Modern Thief, Robert Sterling) and appeared in Fyrst Basil: De Tusind Maskers Mester #1-44 (1927), Fyrst Basil #1-2 (1928), Fyrst Basil #1-2 (1928), Fyrst Basil #1-3 (1936), and Fyrst Basil #1-13 (1937).

Count Basil is a Lupin. He is both thief and detective and is a master of disguise.

Count Basil appears in stories with titles like “The Black Vampire,” “The Indiscrete Devil,” and “The Radio Murderer.”

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