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Bascomb, Ollie. Ollie Bascomb was created by Harold de Polo (Whitcher Bemis, Chan Buzzell, Inspector Frayne, Simmering Sands) and appeared in thirty-three short stories in a variety of pulps from 1931 to 1945, beginning with “Ollie Goes Still Fishing (Detective Fiction Weekly, Jun 20, 1931).

Ollie Bascomb is a county sheriff in Maine. His office is in the small town of Derby. Bascomb likes a quiet life; his enthusiasms are for hunting and fishing, and he is known as “the best wing shot and the best fly caster in the whole state of Maine.” And yet out-of-state criminals, some very bad men indeed, keep bothering him, committing crimes in his county or in Derby itself, and forcing Bascomb to use his hunting skills to catch them. It’s all very bothersome to Bascomb. Why can’t they leave him alone?

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