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Bartendale, Luna. Luna Bartendale was created by Jessie Douglas Kerruish and appeared in The Undying Monster (1936).

Luna Bartendale is a Superhuman Occult Detective. She lives in London but is world-renowned for her many good deeds. She is a small, pretty woman, with curly blonde hair, "creamy" skin and a slight build. Bartendale has various psychic powers, including mind reading. She is well-versed in psychic and occult lore, is a “supersensitive” psychic, and has a "Sixth Sense" which allows her to trace things and people through both the Fourth and the Fifth Dimension. (The Fifth Dimension is "the Dimension that surrounds and pervades the Fourth--known as the Supernatural"). She uses a Divining Rod for various tasks, including psychic detection and tracking. She has various (undefined) powerful psychic defenses, can carry on seances, and can even cure a person of "wehrwolfism." And she can always rely on her large, intelligent dog Roska for help.

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