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Barradine, Lord. Lord Barradine was created by Edgar Jepson (Tinker) and appeared in thirty short stories which were collected in Barradine Detects (1937).

Maurice Frederick Turpin Oliver Vine, the Earl of Barradine, is a

capable and debonair young peer who runs the Twentieth Century Detective Agency. His professional activities embraced the solving of many difficult problems, not the least difficult of which were those set him by a young lady bent on extracting from a group of fraudulent financiers the money of which they had robbed her father. Since this attractive and unprincipled young woman prepared her plans with a complete disregard for the laws of England, Barradine found himself in perpetual disagreement with her devil-may-care methods.

Barradine solves a number of cases before winning the heart of the lighthearted and exceedingly clever thief Mary Fearn, a Loving Enemy who he had jousted with on several previous cases.

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