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Barnes, Bookie. Bookie Barnes was created by Robert Reeves (Cellini Smith) and appeared in three stories in Black Mask and Dime Detective Magazine in 1941 and 1942, beginning with “Murder in High Gear” (Black Mask, Aug. 1941).

“Bookie” Barnes is a trucker for Murdock Motor Freight, Inc of New York City and gets into odd jams and solves crimes because of it. “Though barely twenty-six, he’d been on the trucks for three years. He was a good driver and pinned to his peaked cap was a silver button—the insignia of two years’ continuous driving without a single accident...the boys called him Bookie Barnes not because he made book but because they suspected that he once read one.” He is a large man: “He was big and chesty and looked like the ‘after’ part of one of those before-and-after ads.”

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