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Barbidon, Narcisse. Narcisse Barbidon was created by the French author Marcel Laurian and appeared in “L'Étrange Aventure de M. Narcisse Barbidon” (Le Cri-Cri #47-73, 1912).

Narcisse Barbidon is a Planetary Romance Hero. Professor Narcisse Barbidon, his daughter, his nephew, and his servant are on an archaeological dig in Peru when a meteorite crashes into Peru. The impact is so great that Barbidon et al. are thrown clear of the Earth and land on Mars. Barbidon et al. survive the trip and discover that Mars is inhabited and is the scene of a war between a group of telepathic, technologically-advanced Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses, from the city of Lankmirakar, and a group of glowing, electro-magnetic humanoids from the country of Pomernia. Barbidon et al. also encounter dinosaurs, flying sphinxes, mermaids, cyclops, Nostradamus, and a Persian sorcerer named Mahousky-Khan before using an electrically-powered mountain to return to Earth.

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