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Bannon, Jim. Jim Bannon was created by Lee E. Wells and appeared in a number of stories in Fighting Western, beginning with “Clear Deed to Boothill” (Fighting Western, May 1945).

“Ex-miner Jim Bannon had bought this boom-town hardware store sight-unseen—and it speedily appeared that he’d bought a heap of trouble with it.” The problem is that Bannon was in Arizona when he bought the store, and the store is in Corinnetown, Texas, and when Bannon rides his rangy bay into Corinnetown he discovers that a number of bad men have taken up residence in the store, and that these men are in the employ of the cruel fop Dart Quaide, who has pull with Union Pacific. Bannon says, “I don’t take to claim jumping” and ousts the men, and the predictable gunplay and events follow. Bannon is a “tall, lithe man with a lean, tanned angular face that at first glance seemed all jaw and cheekbones.”

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