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Band of Seven. The Band of Seven was created by the German author Friedrich Meister and appeared in Jungens-Streiche #1-100 (1907-1908), which was reprinted as Der Bund Der Sieben #1-100 (1921).

The Band of Seven are a group of seven German children and teenagers who have a variety of adventures around the world, most quite perilous and some verging on the fantastic. The Band fights the "man-eating apprentices," North Sea pirates, a giant anaconda; they fight in "the war under the earth;" they venture into "The Fakir's Tent;" they fight a "laughing" Lupin, the Devil's Hand, the Powder Conspiracy, the Man Hunter, a talking head, and a gang called "the Death Grip," among many others. The Band's adult assistant is police Detective Rollmops, and their faithful companion is the dachshund Ixo. 

The Band of Seven appear in stories with titles like “An Uncanny August,” “A Night In The Murder Mill,” and “The Devil’s Hand.”

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