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The Baldies. The Baldies were created by Henry Kuttner (Yusef ben Yakoud, Elak, Gallegher, Hogbens, Michael Leigh, Pete Manx, Tony Quade, Prince Raynor, Doctor Thorkel, Thunder Jim Wade) and “Lewis Padgett,” a pseudonym of C.L. Moore (Jirel of Joiry, Northwest Smith) and appeared in five stories in Astounding from 1945 to 1953, beginning with “The Piper’s Son” (Astounding, Feb. 1945).

The Baldies are Superhumans. They are a race of bald mutant telepaths who live on a post-atomic war Earth. They are forced to hide their abilities from ordinary humans, although one faction of the Baldies, who call themselves “Homo Superior,” see their destiny to be the conquest of the human race. (The Baldies are one of the influences on the creation of the Marvel superhero characters The X-Men).

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