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Bagley. Bagley was created by Howard D. Smiley and appeared in five stories in a variety of pulps from 1906 to 1908, beginning with “Bagley’s Automatic Grasshopper” (The All-Story Magazine, July 1906).

Bagley is an Unlucky Inventor. He is an eccentric whose creations work but whose never quite work out. Bagley invents a separate-stage rocket, but it lands in South Dakota rather than the moon. (Bagley and his friends are initially fooled by the landscape into thinking they've actually landed on the moon). Bagley creates an earth-borer that gets three miles down but is repelled by a pocket of natural gas. Bagley creates a super airplane, but the controls end up getting jammed, leaving the plane to fly in circles until it runs out of fuel, thirty years in the future. And so on.

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