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Babar. Babar was created by the French author Jean de Brunhoff and appeared in fifty-seven novels from 1931 to 2000, beginning with Historie de Babar, le Petit Elephant; he also appeared in radio programs, television shows, and movies.

Babar is a well-dressed, well-spoken young elephant who is the King of the Elephants. As a youth Babar leaves the jungle after his mother is killed by hunters. Babar is brought up by an Old Lady in Paris, but after the King of the Elephants dies Babar returns to the jungle and becomes King. He marries Celeste, his cousin, and establishes the city of Celesteville. Babar then introduces the benefits of civilization to the jungle. Babar goes on to have a variety of adventures around the world. He is assisted by the monkey Zephir and by his counselors, the older elephants Cornelius and Pompadour.

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