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Aztoc. Aztoc was created by Ignacio Muñoz (Zalor) and Cecil V. Law (Zalor) and appeared in the comic strip “Aztoc, La Ciudad Perdida” (Pepin, Feb. 24-June 16, 1937).

In the 16th century, after the conquistadors have defeated most of the Aztec forces but before the Spanish have completely conquered the Aztec empire, a group of Aztecs flee to the sacred cave of the Aztecs, where the empire’s treasures are kept. The Aztecs make the cave into the city Aztoc, the “underground city beneath the volcanoes and mountains of silence,” and they become Lost Race Aztecs, flourishing after the empire is long dead. The warriors of Aztoc are Superhuman, and worship Ditzá, the “spirit of a hundred generations.” The rulers of Aztoc are the princes Ixtli, Tzimba, and Xilita, but following a rebellion Prince Tetli eliminates his traitorous opposition, becomes the head priest of Ditzá, and establishes the Cuauhtémoc dynasty as rulers of Aztoc.

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