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Awlo of Ulm. Awlo of Ulm was created by Captain S.P. Meek and appeared in “Submicroscopic” (Amazing Stories, Aug. 1931) and “Awlo of Ulm” (Amazing Stories, Sept. 1931).

Awlo of Ulm is a Planetary Romance Hero. Courtney Edwards is a scientist who is shrunk down to subatomic size and lands on Ulm, a planet the size of an atom. Courtney becomes known as “Awlo.” On his first trip to Ulm he fights the cannibalistic black Mena, and on his second trip he fights the scientifically-advanced but very cruel Yellow Peril Kau. Courtney also meets a woman and falls in love with her. When he returns to Earth he finds that the time differential between Ulm and Earth is large and that the years he spent on Ulm passed in only an instant here on Earth.

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