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Atalanta. Atalanta was created by the German author Robert Kraft (Frank Carter, Detective Nobody, Gentleman of the Air, Count Leo V. Hagen, Loke Klingsor, Mister Nobody (I), Richard) and appeared in Atalanta #1-60 (1904) and Atalanta: Die Geheimnisse Des Sklavensees (1911); her adventures were published in France as Atalanta, La Femme Enigmatique #1-80 (1912-1913).

Atalanta is a Superhuman. She is the last member of a tribe of the Mohawks who had flourished in America centuries before the Asians crossed the Bering Strait land bridge and settled the American continent. There is some mystery about Atalanta’s background; as a baby she was found on the shores of a large “slave lake,” and she does not know her true parentage. So with the help of Graf Felsmark, a German millionaire adventurer who Atalanta eventually marries, Atalanta goes in search of her birthright. Among other things she returns to the slave lake and frees the slaves. She also has a prolonged duel with her arch-enemy, the cruel South American Professor Dodd, a brilliant inventor who plans to use his SCIENCE! weaponry to hold the world hostage. Dodd is assisted by a group of Japanese servants and a twin brother, Tenovio. Atalanta discovers a Lost Race of Mayans and visits Lemuria by air, with its evil albino Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses and their giant servitors. Atalanta is physically and mentally superior to ordinary humans, and is capable of a number of incredible athletic feats.

Some of Atalanta’s adventures are titled “At the Court of the Ox King,” “The Death Ship,” and “In Lemuria.”

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