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Astro the Seer. Astro the Seer was created by Gelett Burgess (Lady Méchante) and appeared in twenty-four stories which were collected in The Master of Mysteries (1912).

Astro the Seer is a Con Man. “Astro the Seer” is actually Astrogon Kerby, an Armenian con man and swindler who preys on the "money classes" and who sets himself up as "Astro the Seer," a would-be palmist and clairvoyant. He takes the scam to the limit, using a crystal ball, wearing a turban and a silk robe, and adopting a pet white lizard. Nonetheless, he gets drawn into solving crimes, and does so, successfully applying his skills as a criminal to catching more violent and wicked men than he. Astro is assisted in his scams and his detecting by Valeska Wynne, a beautiful blonde woman.

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