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Ashe, Saxon. Saxon Ashe was created by “Saxon Ashe,” which may have been the pseudonym of Victor MacClure (Archie Burford), and appeared in I Am Saxon Ashe (1940) and Saxton Ashe, Secret Agent (1941).

Saxon Ashe and Hubert Darendyck are twin brothers and English nobility who are working for the Intelligence Service during World War Two. Ashe, the more athletic of the pair, travels around occupied Europe as the famous clown Bibobi. When Ashe finds Allied spies who need escorting to freedom, or finds a German spy who needs killing, or discovers that the Germans plan to invade Holland, he goes into action. Ashe is assisted by his valet, Sergeant Hubert Hipkin, and when necessary, as when Ashe needs to establish an alibi for himself, by his brother Hubert. Ashe is acrobatic, a trained boxer, and willing to kill if he has to.

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