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Ashby, Duke. Duke Ashby was created by Robert R. Mill (Tiny David) and appeared in twelve stories in Blue Book Magazine from 1935 to 1938, beginning with “Shock Troops of Justice” (Blue Book Magazine, Sept. 1935).

Special Agent James “Duke” Ashby is one of the “shock troops of justice” that F.B.I. Director Hoover unleashes on the criminals running rampant across the U.S.A. Ashby customarily goes undercover to catch his prey, who are loathsome and violent criminals of the worst sort. Ashby always remembers the words every special agent of the F.B.I. are told: "You are a soldier in the front-line trenches. You are fighting a force that threatens to overwhelm your country. That fact justifies any sacrifice you may be called upon to make." These words justify all manner of danger that Ashby is put into.

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