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d'Artois, Pierre. Pierre d’Artois was created by E. Hoffmann Price (Pâwang Ali, Honest John Carmody, Cliff Cragin, Don Cragston, Saul Epstein, Glenn Farrell, Simon Bolivar Grimes, Glenn Haley, Ishmeddin, Jim KaneMatalaa,  Average Parker, Dr. Zeng Tse-lin) and appeared in nine stories from 1926 to 1934, beginning with “The Word of Santiago” (Weird Tales, Feb. 1926).

Pierre d’Artois is a French Occult Detective. He lives in the city of Bayonne, “that gray-walled city that basks in the warmth of the Pyrenees and guards the road to Spain.” Price’s Bayonne is a place of “unspoiled old gray sphinx, somnolently smiling through the veils of her mystery.” It has a large network of crypts, inhabited by ghouls and acting as a magnet for evil-doers and those interested in human sacrifice and other evil rites. Bayonne continually attracts wicked men, from corrupt European Satanists to evil Asian cultists. D’Artois is “grizzled, with fine, stern features and bristling, close cropped hair that gleamed white.” He is an expert in criminology and psychology as well as on the occult, and extensively consults astrology to guide him on cases involving the supernatural. On occasion D’Artois teams up with Glenn Farrell and Ishmeddin.

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