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Arnaud, Thérèse. Thérèse Arnaud was created by the French author Pierre Yrondy (Marius Pegomas) and appeared in Les Aventures de Thérèse Arnaud, Espionne Francaise #1-63 (1934-1936).

Following the murder of her father by the Germans in World War One, Thérèse Arnaud begins working for the French government as a spy, putting her intelligence, knowledge of languages, beauty, courage, and willpower to use in foiling the Germans. She is motivated only by patriotism, unlike most spies, and does not seek publicity for her actions, wanting them to be known only after she has died. (The series begins with the notice that Arnaud had recently died and was buried in a small town in the east of France). Among the enemies of France Arnaud deals with is Mata Hari herself.

Arnaud appears in stories with titles like, “The Phantom Submarine,” “A Cemetery Hide-Out,” and “The Rigged Chair.”

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