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Armstrong, Jack. Jack Armstrong was created by Robert Hardy Andrews and appeared in the radio program Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy (1933-1951) and in comic strips, Big Little books, and movie serials.

Jack Armstrong is a square-jawed, clean-living American boy who is a four-sport athlete hero at Hudson High, along with his friends Billy and Betty Fairfield. Soon after the start of Jack Armstrong Jack, Betty, Billy, and the Fairfields' Uncle Jim, the owner of an aircraft factory and a former teacher at West Point, began traveling around the world, fighting evil wherever they find it, whether on the African veldt, in the depths of Calcutta, or in a monastery in the Himalayas. They begin with a trip to Canada, where they chase Jack’s rival Monte Duval across Arctic ice floes. From there it’s off to stop cattle rustling in Arizona, and then back to the Arctic, to find the "city of White Eskimos." Jack et al travel to Manila on a China clipper, then catch a boat to Shanghai for a rendezvous with Uncle Jim. Then, to Africa, taking pictures of elephants, and then to Zanzibar, in pursuit of (and being pursued by) pirates who were, like Jack and company, looking for a ship sunk in the Indian Ocean. Thence to South America, to tramp through the Amazonian jungles to rescue Betty, who was being held by members of a Lost Race in an underground city. In Tibet Jack retrieves an invaluable lost manuscript at the request of the Grand Lama himself. After a quick hop, skip, and jump over to Easter Island, Jack and his friends go to the Philippines to rescue a missing scientist, Professor Loring, and his stash of U-235. After that Jack goes to the Andes, to Morocco, and returns to America, where he fights German spies. There are also fights against the Fascists in Spain, battles with guerrillas off Casablanca, and safaris into Africa in search of the elephants' graveyard. Jack and his friends travel around the world in Uncle Jim's hydroplane, the Silver Albatross, in the schooner Spindrift, and in the dirigible Golden Secret. In the final phase of the radio program Jack grows up and becomes an agent of the Scientific Bureau of Investigation.

Jack's enemies include the unscrupulous adventurer Monte Duval; Dr. Shupato, the Silencer, a.k.a. Victor Hardy, a scientist and inventor who had ventured into a life of crime because of a bad case of amnesia; and Weissoul, the master spy known as "the man with 100 faces." In one 1939 Carl Claudy story Armstrong teams up with Alan Kane.

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