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Ardilla & Estrella. Ardilla & Estrella were created by “Niel,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author Niubó Melchor (Black Mask (II), Titán (I)), and appeared in En Busca de Aventuras #1-16 (1933?).

In the 19th century Ardilla & Estrella are a pair of Spanish children who are shipwrecked on the coast of Africa. Fortunately, they soon encounter Goliath, an intelligent talking club-wielding gorilla, who adopts them and becomes their guardian and protector during a long series of adventures around the world. Ardilla is exceptionally flexible and is known as “the rubber man.” Estrella has a very sweet voice and is called “the human swallow.”

The trio appear in stories with titles like “The Mysteries of Tibet,” “The Temple of the Sacrifices,” and “The Dangers of the Wilds of Africa.”

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