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archy. archy was created by Don Marquis and appeared in almost 500 poems from 1916 to 1935, beginning with “expression is the need of my soul” (The Evening Sun, Mar. 29, 1916).

archy is a cockroach who is the reincarnation of a free verse poet. Every night archy creeps on to the typewriter of his friend Don Marquis and laboriously types out free verse poems by leaping, head-first, on to the typewriter. (He can’t press down the shift key and type at the same time, which is why his poems, and his name, are always in lower case). archy is friends with mehitabel, an alley cat who was, in a previous life, Cleopatra. archy and mehitabel live interesting lives and pass insightful and occasionally biting commentary on modern life.

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