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Antinéa. Antinéa was created by the French author Pierre Benoit and appeared in L’Atlantide (1919), which has been filmed eight times since 1921.

Antinéa is a Femme Fatale modeled on Ayesha. L’Atlantide is heavily influenced by the work of H. Rider Haggard, but was popular enough to be considered separately from the many other imitators of Haggard. Antinéa is the “Mistress of Atlantis,” a Lost Race empire inside one of the Hoggar mountains in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Antinéa is the grand-daughter of Neptune and Clito, the last Kings of Atlantis, and is the descendant of the Ptolemy. But Antinéa is a cold, hard, cruel woman, surrounded by leopards and a harem of helpless, devoted men. Antinéa is found by two French Army officers, Andre de Saint-Avit and Jean Morhange, who are investigating the disappearances of explorers and Army officers in the desert. Antinéa is interested in seducing and killing the men so that she can eventually rest for eternity. She succeeds in getting de Saint-Avit to kill Morhange, but de Saint-Avit eventually escapes.

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