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The Angel (II). The Angel (II) was created by “Edward S. Ronns,” the pseudonym of Edward S. Aarons, and appeared in The Angel Detective #1 (July, 1941).

The Angel (II) is a Costumed Avenger Killer Vigilante. The Angel (II) was heavily influenced by both The Saint and the comic book character Angel, who was published by Timely Comics, the sister company of Manvis Publishing, which published both The Angel Detective and Ka-Zar (see: Ka-Zar) another Timely comic book character. The Angel is a private detective and vigilante in New York City who is pursued by the police for his lethal ways. The Angel, whose real name is never disclosed, is over six feet tall, broad shouldered and lean waisted. He customarily wears a white mask, a tan overcoat, and a dark hat with a leather band. He also carries a special .45 that leaves an identifying mark on bodies, and he shows few compunctions about using his gun on criminals.

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