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Andrews, John. John Andrews was created by “Kigi Takatarō,” the pseudonym of the Japanese author Hayashi Takashi (Keiichi & Susumu), and appeared in “Tōhōkō” (Kodomo no Kagaku, 1941).

John Andrews is a White Peril. In London several figures of a Japanese shipping company are getting ready to leave for Japan because of the hostile climate in Europe. John Andrews, an Englishman, appears and asks permission to travel to Japan with them; he wants to escape from the German attacks on London and wants to find his half-sister in Tokyo. Once in Tokyo he quickly succeeds in finding her. Then his plan is revealed: he is an English spy who wants to steal certain vital government documents from his sister’ fiancé, an engineer for the government. Andrews succeeds in doing so, but is arrested on a plane en route to Shanghai.

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