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American Army. The American Army was created by “Seestern,” the pseudonym of Ferdinand Grautoff, and appeared in ‘1906’—Der Zusammenbruch der Alten Welt (1905).

In the near future tension between Germany and America over Samoa breaks out into a shooting war. The wicked Americans engineer riots in the German section of Samoa, leading to the British navy forcibly intervening to protect British citizens, over the objections of the Germans on Samoa. America and Britain declare war on Germany, with Italy throwing in on the German side. The Germans and Italians mostly lose at sea, while the Germans defeat the French and British armies in France, but at the same time lose their colonies to British overseas forces. Then the African natives rise up and kill every European in Africa. The Muslims declare a global jihad, and the Yellow Peril Chinese slaughter all Europeans in China. The European countries are left facing an economic catastrophe, so they declare a truce and sign treaties. The end result is that the new world powers are America and Russia, and at novel’s end America begins demanding that the British evacuate the West Indies.

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