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Amayat, Mynheer. Mynheer Amayat was created by H. De Vere Stacpoole (Captain Blood (II), Lavenne, Dick Lestrange, Man in Grey (I), Jacques Radoub, Sigurdson, Captain Slocum) and appeared in fourteen stories, in The Strand Magazine and Weird Tales from 1929 and 1930, beginning with “The Rajah of Gool” (The Strand, Mar. 1929); the stories were collected in The Tales of Mynheer Amayat (1930).

Mynheer Amayat is the chief of the Tavas Agency of Sandabar and Salong. He is a crime-solver and adventurer who is known across the Pacific, especially in the Dutch East Indies. “Amayat is the man to whom pearl dealers and Canton merchants and distracted Police Commissioners apply as a last resort in cases of robbery, blackmail, arson, murder, and ‘such-like.’” Amayat even does work for the British Foreign Office, when they ask him. He has a dried-up “Kalmuk” face and disturbing eyes. Several of his stories verge on the fantastic.

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