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Amat. Amat was created by “Juvenile Kuo,” the pseudonym of Kwee Seng Tjoan (Hermine), and appeared in the story serial “Harta Jang Terpendum” (1928; as a novel, 1928).

Amat is an Indonesian adventurer based on Alexandre Dumas’ Edmond Dantès. Amat was a contract worker on the Naga Mandi estate in Sumatra, but he fled the estate and was falsely accused of murder. While on the run, Amat meets a kindly Dutchman who points Amat in the direction of a fabulous treasure. (Amat also discovers that the Dutchman is Amat’s stepfather). After two years of searching, Amat finds the treasure—jewels worth over a million dollars—becomes the mysterious “A. Helder,” and takes an Edmond Dantès-like revenge.

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