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Amarbal. Amarbal was created by Joyce Vincent and appeared in The Celestial Hand: A Sensational Story (1903).

Amarbal is a Superhuman Yellow Peril who wants to CONQUER THE WORLD! He is a Mongolian “Akkad” of high education whose driving ambition is to lead the Mongolians to "universal dominion." To achieve this goal he assembles an army of Mongolians and criminals from around the world, a navy of hundreds of ships, and a fleet of technologically advanced airships. He also has a variety of psychic powers, including the abilities to project his image and kill with terror from a distance. But he is the tool of evil spirits posing as “Mulge,” the god of the Akkadians, and Amarbal only succeeds in destroying most of the armies and navies of the world, as well as Melbourne and Sydney, before he is defeated.

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