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Almirante, Furio. Furio Almirante was created by Gianluigi Bonelli (Giorgio Landi, John Mauri, Claudio Reni, Sandro, Marco Villa, Tex Willer, Yorga) and appeared in the comic strip “Furio” (Audace, 1940-1964).

Furio Almirante is the “mysterious pugilist,” a Herculean Italian boxer who after much scrimping and saving is able to buy a small farm in a wooded region of Missouri in 1920. Almirante emigrates to the United States, but he soon receives a letter from Milan, a letter which begins his world-spanning adventures. From South America to the Soviet Union Almirante fights against crime lords, bloodthirsty generals and tyrants, and mundane murderers. During World War Two Almirante becomes a soldier for the Italian army, and for a brief period after the war he even becomes a Costumed Avenger. Throughout his adventures he is accompanied by his beloved assistant, the gorilla Serafino.

* I've included Furio Almirante in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because he's historically important (a twenty-four-year run is nothing to sneeze at) as a sort of archetypal version of the standard Italian fictional adventurer. The standard Italian fictional adventurer has a wide range of adventures around the world, but Almirante tops them all. Standard adventurer will fight a tyrant? Almirante will fight three. Standard adventurer will briefly put on a mask? Almirante will do so for longer and become a better superhero than many of the era. Standard adventurer will fight gorillas? Almirante will have one as his assistant. 

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