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Allison, Bob. Bob Allison was created by Ed Earl Repp (Professor Brandon, Harley Gale, John Hale, Captain Wollack, Yuma Bill) and appeared in “Beyond Gravity” (Air Wonder Stories, Aug. 1929) and “The Annihilator Comes” (Wonder Stories, Aug. 1930).

In the distant future of 1980 the Annihilator is the newest superplane of the new United States Air Force. The Annihilator can reach 1600 mph without difficulty and uses antigravity repulsion plates. Bob Allison is a crew member on the plane, and when the Annihilator is thrown into orbit, Allison is instrumental in helping get the plane back to Earth. When Allison recovers from his injuries he is made captain of the even more powerful Annihiliator II and takes it in search of a group of lost Swedish explorers at the North Pole. Naturally, Allison discovers the Hollow Earth and explores it, finding dinosaurs, reptile-men, and a small sun inside the Earth.

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