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Allen, Jimmie. Jimmie Allen was created by Robert M. Burtt (Captain Midnight) and Willfred G. Moore (Captain Midnight, Howie Wing) and appeared in the radio serial The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen (1933-1937) and in the movie The Sky Parade (1936).

Jimmie Allen is a teenager who learns how to fly and takes on a variety of crimes and criminals as well as the standard adventures for young aviators–rescuing people trapped by floods, etc. Jimmie is a sixteen-year-old who is assisted by his older, more experienced pilot pal Speed Robertson (an air ace from World War One), his mechanic chum Flash Lewis, and his sweetheart Barbara Croft. Jimmie's plane is the Blue Bird Special. Jimmie's recurring enemies are Black Pete and Digger Dawson, two ne'er-do-well pilots, but Jimmie also takes on various spies, saboteurs, Mad Scientists (like the poison-gas-pellet-wielding Professor Partenon Proteus), and even a Japanese flying saucer.

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