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Alison, Frank. Frank Alison was created by Everil Worrell and appeared in “The Bird of Space” (Weird Tales, Sept. 1926) and “Cattle of Furos” (Weird Tales, Oct. 1926).

Frank Alison is riding a train across the Bad Lands of the American West when he is informed that passengers on previous trips on the train have disappeared. Like them, Alison is drugged and taken from the train. His abductor is a green-skinned, “repulsive and hideous creature” named Gorlog, a “Wise Man” who is from Furos, a planet which circles a dark but warm star. Gorlog has come to Earth to take six humans back to Furos, where they will serve as slaves. Alison disbelieves Gorlog’s story and manages to escape being taken, but others are not so fortunate.

In the sequel Alison becomes a Planetary Romance Hero and travels to Furos and rescues the slaves. Gorlog’s people have advanced weapons and vehicles, including a disintegration weapon, but they are no match for Alison.

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