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Aldini, Carlo. Carlo Aldini (1894-1961) was an Italian sportsman–boxer, long-jumper, and champion wrestler–who achieved fame in Europe in the 1920s as a film actor and as “the speed king” and “the world’s strongest man.” Aldini acted in silent films in Italy until 1923, when he moved to Germany and acted, produced, and directed films until the end of the silent film era. In 1924 Aldini was the hero of the Celebrity Pulp Carlo Aldini, der Tollkühne Abenteurer #1-25 (1924-1925). Written by the German author Alfred Bienengraber (John Kling), Carlo Aldini portrayed Aldini as a world-traveling adventurer who hunts tigers, fights pirates, and pursues female jewel thieves. Aldini appears in stories with titles like “A Dangerous Invention,” “Playing with Death,” and “Achmed Abdul the Courier.”

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