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Alden, Dr. Payson. Dr. Payson Alden was created by Hereward Carrington and appeared in the film serial The Mysteries of Myra (1916).

Dr. Payson Alden is a Superhuman. Alden is the fiancé of Myra Maynard. After her father’s death Maynard inherits a packet of papers from him. The papers incriminate a group of hooded Rosicrucians who live in an underground city (Maynard’s father had been a member), and the Rosicrucians attack her through vampires, malign spirits, and walking trees. Fortunately for Maynard, Dr. Alden is a master of the occult as well as a brilliant scientist, and when the Rosicrucians send fire spirits to set Maynard’s house on fire, Dr. Alden summons up water elementals to put the fire out. Witchcraft, thought transference, astral projection, and vampirism appear before Maynard and Dr. Alden get their happy ending.

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