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Airship Boys. The Airship Boys were created by Harry L. Sayler (Aeroplane Boys (I)) and appeared in the eight-book “Airship Boys” series, beginning with The Airship Boys; or, The Quest of the Aztec Treasure (1909) and ending with The Airship Boys in the Great War; or, the Rescue of Bob Russell (1915).

The Airship Boys are Ned Napier and Alan Hope, a pair of boy geniuses from Chicago. Their particular field of research is aviation, and after creating a technologically-advanced (for 1909) aircraft they and their friend, the newspaper reporter Robert Russell, go on adventures, variously seeking and finding Aztec treasure (and a Lost Race of pyramid builders to go with it), setting airspeed and duration records, and flying nonstop from New York to London. The Airship Boys’ airships begin as dirigibles. These are powered first by gas-powered controlled-explosion motors and later by a propeller engine fueled with "sulfuric ether.” Their final airship is capable of reaching high altitudes and speeds of 800 mph.

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