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Air Master. The Air Master was created by Edward E. Chappelow and appeared in “The Planet’s Air Master” (Air Wonder Stories, Aug. 1929) and “The Return of the Air Master” (Air Wonder Stories, Mar. 1930).

In the distant future of the year 1982, when air flight is commonplace and giant triple-decked, five-motored planes fly across entire continents, the planes of the International Air Line are being robbed while traveling the New York-to-London route. Wallace, head of the New York office of International Air, and Riel, an Inspector for Scotland Yard, team up to solve the case, only to discover that man behind the crimes is the sinister “Air Master of the World,” a master criminal with a large syndicate and technologically-advanced weaponry, including a telepathy ray. Wallace and Riel discover that the Air Master is committing the robberies so that, ultimately, he can not only CONQUER THE WORLD! but even conquer the entire Solar System. Wallace and Riel succeed in defeating him, and in the sequel, after he tries to use his weaponry to hold the world hostage, he is killed.

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