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Ainsworth, Ace. Ace Ainsworth was created by “Don Crosby,” the pseudonym of J. Allan Dunn (Boru, Griffin, Bud Jones, Peter Prime, Sleepy Sloane, Henry Smith (I), John Strong, Whistlin' Kid), and appeared in six stories in Air Trails (U.S.) in 1928 and 1929, beginning with “The Phantom Raiders” (Air Trails (U.S.), Oct. 1928).

Ace Ainsworth is a “young and intrepid inventor and pilot” who, in his laboratory on the outskirts of Cosmopolis, creates SCIENCE! His main invention is the Falcon, a technologically-advanced helicopter. The Falcon is powered by “mysterious magnetic currents that flow between the poles and are caused by the rotation of the earth.” The Falcon’s “metal body, the color of dull metal, was provided with windows that could at will be protected by steel shutters. Forward and aft, on both sides, sponsons bulged, each containing rapid-fire guns of light but efficient caliber.” With the crew of the Falcon Ainsworth fights a variety of evils. Ainsworth is a brilliant enough scientist that when he is confronted with an invisible airship, he can quickly create prisms for his goggles that negate his enemy’s invisibility.

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