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Aeros, Cliff. Julius Jäger (1889-1952) was a famous circus performer under the name of “Cliff Aeros.” In 1942 he founded the Zirkus Aeros, which remained active in East Germany until 1990. In 1955 he appeared in the East German Celebrity Pulp Cliff Aeros - Die Menschliche Sternschnuppe #1-16, which was modeled on the earlier German circus pulps which starred Eddy Polo (II) and Billy Jenkins, among others.

Cliff Aeroes describes Cliff Aeros’ adventures as he travels the world with his circus, bringing proper Communist justice to the masses oppressed by Capitalist wickedness.

Aeros appears in stories with titles like “A Dying Man Flies to Heaven,” “The Trip with Crocodiles,” “A Leap Through the Bayonet Tire,” and “Aeros at the Bullfight.” 

* I've included Cliff Aeros and Cliff Aeros - Die Menschliche Sternschnuppe in the the Best of the Encyclopedia category not because of any innate quality which the character or pulp had but rather because Aeros is the archetypal East German pulp character and Cliff Aeros - Die Menschliche Sternschnuppe is the archetypal East German pulp. Neither was the only one--as I wrote here, the East German pulps were surprisingly vigorous--but Aeros and Cliff Aeros - Die Menschliche Sternschnuppe are the foremost examples. Aeros borrows the externals of Western pulp heroes, as Cliff Aeros - Die Menschliche Sternschnuppe does the basic structure of the pulp adventure story, but Aeros and Cliff Aeros is all about the Communist struggle against Western capitalist nonsense, which is an ideology that the Western pulps and Western pulp heroes would never have promulgated. There were much longer lasting East German pulps, but Cliff Aeros is foremost among them. 

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