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Adventure Boys. The Adventure Boys were created by “Ames Thompson,” the pseudonym of Josephine Chase (Khaki Boys), and appeared in the five-book “Adventure Boys” series, which began with The Adventure Boys and the Valley of Diamonds (1927) and ended with The Adventure Boys and the Island of Sapphires (1929).

The adventurer Malcolm Edwards and his son Ralph go in search of precious stones, accompanied by Ralph’s friends Jimmy Stone and Bret Hartson, both orphans, and the sly sailor Stanley Greene. They go from Africa to Peru to the South Seas to India, taking diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, and sapphires from non-white native peoples, many of whom are vicious cannibals. On occasion the Boys’ adventures take on a fantastic tone, as in The Adventure Boys and the River of Emeralds (1927), when the Adventure Boys discover, in a hidden canyon, a Lost Race of Inca who worship the “Shadow God,” an evil fanged dwarf. 

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