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The Adjusters. The Adjusters were created by “Valentine,” the pseudonym of Archibald Thomas Pechey (Substitutes, Limited, Daphne Wrayne), and appeared in five stories and forty-seven novels from 1922 to 1961, beginning with The Adjusters.

The Adjusters are a group of amateur crime-fighters who are interested in “adjusting” the results of the law, or the outcome of a crime, so that the guilty are ultimately punished and the good kept from harm or freed from jail and recompensed. The Adjusters won’t break the law, but they will do everything they can to bend it. The Adjusters, headquartered in London, are: Daphne Wrayne; Sir Hugh Williamson, the noted African explorer; James Treviller, the very strong and very handsome young nobleman; Martin Everest, the handsome and articulate lawyer; and Alan Sylvester, he of the long experience in theater.  

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