Adams, Hilda. Hilda Adams was created by Mary Roberts Rinehart (Letitia Carberry) and appeared in four stories, two novels, and two movies from 1914 to 1942, beginning with "The Buckled Bag" (Saturday Evening Post, Jan. 10, 1914). Hilda Adams is a nurse and a policewoman, although she never lets the latter interfere with the former. She is asked to work for the police by George L. Patton, a policeman rendered hors de combat. Patton is impressed by Adams’ levelheadedness and persuades her to report to him on the medical cases she is called out on. She does, with arrests and convictions inevitably following. Her success in solving crimes earns her the nickname "Miss Pinkerton." (She is not to be confused with the radio Miss Pinkerton). 

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