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Ace of the Triple Diamond. Ace of the Triple Diamond was created by “L. Stanley,” the pseudonym of Ludwig Landmichl, and appeared in “Ace of the Triple Diamond” (Two-Gun Western Stories, Nov. 1928) and “The Dancer of Skeleton Gap” (Two-Gun Western Stories, Dec. 1928-Jan. 1929).

Ace is a cowboy working for the Triple Diamond ranch, which is near Skeleton Gap, “a singularly rugged and repellent spot, peculiarly situated along the Mexican border.” The Triple Diamond is run by the surly Big Jim and is struggling to remain profitable, Fortunately, Big Jim’s trouble-shooter is Ace. 

The Ace was Big Jim’s top hand, having been on the Triple Diamond since boyhood and proving himself thoroughly reliable he had won Big Jim’s confidence and was made foreman. Being top man of the outfit had started the boys to calling him The Ace. It had been meant in fun, of course, but the name fit him so well it was designed to stick. Young, broad chested, supple of body, quick and accurate with the two big six-guns that hung cross-belted at his waist, he was, in truth, the ace of the outfit.

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