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Mr. Abukir. Mr. Abukir was created by Edward Woodward and appeared in six stories in The Blue Magazine in 1923 and 1924, beginning with “The Amazing Mr. Abukir” (The Blue Magazine, Aug. 1923).

Mr. Abukir is a member of the Globe-Trotters’ Club. He seldom talks to the other members or joins them in their story-telling, but every now and again something prompts him to loquacity, and then his eyes glitter, he lights up a foul-smelling cigar, and he tells a story from his life. He is a self-titled “investigator,” for “he loathed being considered in any way a rival of the detective force, and never touched a case until it had been definitely and finally forsaken as hopeless by Scotland Yard, and, although that August body regarded him with a superior and kindly tolerance, the fact remained that he was frequently successful in untying criminal knots which had proved too intricate for the spatulate fingers of official hands.” His background and nationality are mysterious and unknown, although he is rumored to be half-English and half-Egyptian. He has brown skin and penetrating eyes. 

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