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Abu. Abu was created by Perley Poore Sheehan (Captain Trouble, Doctor Coffin, Kwa of the Jungle) and appeared in the serial “Abu, the Dawn Maker” (All-Story Cavalier Weekly, May 8-June 5, 1915).

On the coast of East Africa, in the modern day, the white slave Abu discovers a golden talisman called “the Double Eye.” Abu’s master takes the Double Eye away from Abu, which Abu finds provoking, and Abu leads a slave rebellion, killing his master. The revolt spreads, and Abu becomes king of the unnamed East African country in which the story takes places. Abu falls in love with a blonde slave, but vows chastity until he has conquered the world and freed slaves everywhere. Unfortunately, the British authorities, while nominally opposed to slavery, are definitely opposed to Abu conquering the world, and send warships to intervene. Things end badly for all. 

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