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Absurdity, Mr. Mr. Absurdity was created by "Donghai Jeuwo," the pseudonym of the Chinese author Xu Nianci, and appeared in "Xin Falu Xiansheng Tan" (Xin Falu, 1905).

"Xin Falu Xiansheng Tan" is one of the first modern Chinese science fiction stories. Mr. Absurdity is a Chinese man whose soul is separated from its body during a typhoon. His body sinks down towards the center of the Earth while his soul visits the other planets in the solar system. On Mercury he watches as aliens transplant brains as a means to rejuvenate themselves. On Venus he sees evolution in action, with basic plants and animals developing simultaneously. Meanwhile his body, at the Earth's core, encounters an almost immortal man, and together the pair watch various marvelous scenes through the man's "lens." Back in space Mr. Absurdity's soul reverses course and returns to Earth, merging with his body in the Mediterranean. Mr. Absurdity hitches a ride back to Shanghai on board a Chinese warship, and once home Mr. Absurdity establishes a university where he teaches a course on "Brain Electricity" which becomes very popular. 

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