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d’Abate, Commissioner. Commissioner d’Abate was created by the Italian author Carlo Brighenti (Commissioner Grifaci) and appeared in L'Osteria Della Fame (1938), Morte di un Editore (1939), and Un Mistero alla "Mille Miglia" (1940).

Commissioner Vincenzo d’Abate is a vigorous, forty-year-old policeman. Originally from southern Italy, his years of police training and experience in the north of Italy have given him the work habits of a northern Italian, rather than the good-natured laziness of a southern Italian. (The racial/ethnic biases of Brighenti’s novels are pronounced). D’Abate has an aristocratic air, is always elegantly-dressed, and inspires confidence in those who see him. However, he has confidence in the Mussolini regime and is sympathetic toward a veterinarian who practices vivisection on humans, saying only that “You are born too early, doctor...perhaps one day this will be allowed to scientists.” 

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