Owl. Nick Terry is a special investigator (initially just a private detective) for the police department of Yorktown, a large city in America's Midwest. Unfortunately, he finds that the police can do only so much, so he takes the law into his own hands and dresses up as the costumed vigilante the Owl to fight for freedom unfettered by regulations. He is assisted by his girlfriend Belle Wayne, a gossip columnist who eventually becomes his sidekick Owl Girl. The Owl has no superpowers, but he's got an array of equipment, including an Owlmobile, a flying roadster which is armed with "Owl-bombs" and a darkness-casting blacklight ray, and robot Owlos, controlled ultrasonically, which can see through the blacklight ray, can track like bloodhounds and can divebomb enemies. He is assisted by his Asian valet Solo. The Owl's cape also doubles as a parachute. He leaves behind small paper owls as his calling card. The Owl takes on ordinary criminals, the insane Ma Madespo and her four insane killer sons, the crime-mongering Dr. Nodd, the vicious crimelord Pantherman, the hooded and maimed German veteran the Spectre, and German scoundrels during World War One, among others.

First Appearance: Crackerjack Funnies #25 (Dell), July 1940. 25 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by Frank Thomas and ?






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